Oregon State Bar
Statement of Professionalism


As lawyers, we belong to a profession that serves our clients and the public good. As officers of the court, we aspire to a professional standard of conduct that goes beyond merely complying with the ethical rules. Professionalism is the courage to care about and act for the benefit of our clients, our peers, our careers, and the public good. Because we are committed to professionalism, we will conduct ourselves in a way consistent with the following principles in dealing with our clients, opposing parties, opposing counsel, the courts, and the public.

  • I will promote the integrity of the profession and the legal system.
  • I will work to ensure access to justice for all segments of society.
  • I will avoid all forms of unlawful or unethical discrimination.
  • I will protect and improve the image of the legal profession in the eyes of the public.
  • I will promote respect for the courts.
  • I will support a diverse bench and bar.
  • I will support the education of the public about the legal system.
  • I will work to achieve my client’s goals, while at the same time maintain my professional ability to give independent legal advice to my client.
  • I will always advise my clients of the costs and potential benefits or risks of any considered legal position or course of action.
  • I will communicate fully and openly with my client, and use written fee agreements with my clients.
  • I will not employ tactics that are intended to delay, harass, or drain the financial resources of any party.
  • I will always be prepared for any proceeding in which I am representing my client.
  • I will be courteous and respectful to my clients, to adverse litigants and adverse counsel, and to the court.
  • I will only pursue positions and litigation that have merit.
  • I will explore all legitimate methods and opportunities to resolve disputes at every stage in my representation of my client.
  • I will support pro bono activities.

Adopted by the Oregon State Bar House of Delegates and

Approved by the Supreme Court of Oregon effective December 12, 2011

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