What about that “LLC” business name designation?

Company names on trucks, signs, and business cards often include the “LLC” designation. Sometimes it clutters up the brand and makes the business seem less approachable.

Lawyers have limited options when establishing a business entity to operate our practices – in Washington attorneys can set up as a Professional Corporation (PC), a Professional Limited Liability Company (PLLC), or a Professional Limited Liability Partnership (PLLP) and that designation has to be part of the official name as well as the published name.

Most business, however, just have to use that “Limited Liability Company” designation in the official business name that is registered with the Secretary of State to open the business. After that, a DBA (“doing business as”) or trade name can be registered and used for all company interactions. In Washington, that Trade Name registration is a nominal fee. So get your official legal name, and then register it as a trade name with that pesky “LLC” dropped, and market your business like you wanted to when you brainstormed that great business name!