Practice Areas

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Estate Planning - Wills & Trusts
Consultation on and preparation of estate plans including designing wills and trusts, including revocable living trusts, special needs trusts, and pet trusts. Preparing supporting legal documents such as structuring Community Property Agreements, and creating Powers of Attorney for financial and health care matters (including HIPAA-related issues) and Advanced Health Care Directives. The focus of this practice is to creatively craft a unique and personal legacy that optimizes the value of your estate, identifies areas of specialized succession planning like blended families, small business ownership, investment real estate, and pets. Emphasis on being proactive in creating clear and organized plans that care for the loved ones who will be responsible for administering your affairs in a time of grief and loss.

Probate & Trust Administration
Representation of personal representatives through the court administration process for probates or small estate affidavits, either with a Will (Testate) or without (Intestate) in Washington and Oregon and successor trustees with administration and disposition of revocable living trusts.
Assistance with managing the probate or trust administration process from start to finish - providing guidance on duties as personal representative or trustee with assistance on notices to heirs, beneficiaries, and creditors, payments of debts and taxes, distribution of assets, accounting, and closing out the estate.  

Guardianship Proceedings
Representation of parties seeking court appointed guardianship and/or conservatorship of loved ones who require care for personal and financial matters.

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Business Law
Consultation and representation for closely held businesses with respect to entity selection, forming corporate structure, establishing governing documents, and maintaining company records for strategic growth and with succession planning. Management of business operations, with a focus on policies and procedures and regulatory compliance. Negotiation, review, and drafting of business contracts and agreements. Conduct litigation risk analysis, dispute resolution, and preparation of settlement agreements.

 Nonprofit Organizations
Creating nonprofit corporations and charitable organization, obtaining Federal IRS Tax-Exempt Status, providing guidance on board governance protocol and ethics, and facilitating dissolution at the end of an organization’s life. Specialized experience with religious and educational non-profit organizations.

Real Estate
Evaluation and drafting of commercial and residential leases; preparation and recording of deeds; representation of landlords with respect to best practices for property management in landlord/tenant relationships and litigation of eviction actions by landlords.